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Moribito Hindi Sub | S01 Completed!! | Seirei no Moribito Hindi Sub | Free Download

Moribito Hindi Sub | S01 Completed!! | Seirei no Moribito Hindi Sub | Free Download

Moribito Hindi Sub | Seirei no Moribito Hindi Sub | S01 Completed!! | Free Download and Watch Online for Free, No Pop Up Ads, Fast Downloading and Streaming Servers, FHD Quality Less File Size, Hindi Sub by Team VioZen, Find More Anime in Hindi Sub for Free on TeamVioZen.in. Seirei no Moribito Hindi Sub.

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Moribito Hindi Sub Poster 1

Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit is a Japanese novel that was first published in July 1996. It is the first in the 12-volume Moribito series of Japanese fantasy novels by Nahoko Uehashi. It was the recipient of the Batchelder Award An ALA Notable Children’s Book in 2009.

Originally published: July 1996
Author: Nahoko Uehashi
Genre: Sword and sorcery
Studio: Production I.G
Volumes: 3
Demographic: Shōnen
English network: NA Neon AlleyUS Adult Swim

Moribito Series Info

Name – Moribito – Guardian of the Spirit

Episodes – 26

Length – 25 min

Quality – 720p

Studios – Production I.G

Language – Japanese (Hindi Subtitles)

Size – 120MB

MAL Rating – 8.1/10

Genre – Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Anime in Hindi Sub
Anime in Hindi Sub

Moribito Plot

On the precipice of a cataclysmic drought, the Star Readers of the Shin Yogo Empire must devise a plan to avoid widespread famine. It is written in ancient myths that the first emperor, along with eight warriors, slew a water demon to avoid a great drought and save the land that was to become Shin Yogo. If a water demon was to appear once more, its death could bring salvation. However, the water demon manifests itself within the body of the emperor’s son, Prince Chagum—by the emperor’s order, Chagum is to be sacrificed to save the empire.

Meanwhile, a mysterious spear-wielding mercenary named Balsa arrives in Shin Yogo on business. After saving Chagum from a thinly veiled assassination attempt, she is tasked by Chagum’s mother to protect him from the emperor and his hunters. Bound by a sacred vow she once made, Balsa accepts.

Seirei no Moribito follows Balsa as she embarks on her journey to protect Chagum, exploring the beauty of life, nature, family, and the bonds that form between strangers.

Hindi Subbed by Team VioZen

Subbed by – Violet
Encoded by – ZenAyush

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EP01 – flp | scm | mirror | zendl

EP02 – flp | scm | mirror | zendl

EP03 – flp | scm | mirror | zendl

EP04 – flp | scm | mirror | zendl

EP05 – flp | scm | mirror | zendl

EP06 – flp | scm | mirror | zendl

EP07 – flp | scm | mirror | zendl

EP08 – flp | scm | mirror | zendl

EP09 – flp | scm | mirror | zendl | zenpl

EP10 – flp | scm | mirror | zendl | zenpl

EP11 – flp | mirror | zendl | zenpl

EP12 – flp | mirror | zendl | zenpl

EP13 – flp | mirror | zendl | zenpl

EP14 – flp | mirror | zendl | zenpl

EP15 – flp | mirror | zendl | zenpl

EP16 – flp | mirror | zendl | zenpl

EP17 – flp | mirror | zendl | zenpl

EP18 – flp | mirror | zendl | zenpl

EP19 – flp | mirror | zendl | zenpl

EP20 – flp | mirror | zendl | zenpl

EP21 – flp | mirror | zendl | zenpl

EP22 – flp | mirror | zendl | zenpl

EP23 – flp | mirror | zendl | zenpl

EP24 – flp | mirror | zendl | zenpl

EP25 – flp | mirror | zendl | zenpl

EP26 – flp | mirror | zendl | zenpl [Completed]

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Moribito Hindi Sub Screenshots

Moribito Hindi Sub Anime ScreenshotMoribito Hindi Dub Anime ScreenshotMoribito Balsa Anime in Hindi All Episodes Screenshot

Moribito Trailer

Moribito Hindi Sub

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Shivam kumar
Shivam kumar
1 year ago

Okay, anime mujhe kaafi achha laga.
Anime dekhe hue mujhe thoda time ho gaya hai, lekin abhi bhi sab yaad hai aur khaskar bgm.
subbing bhi theek ki hai lekin main ek salah dunga ki Subtitles ko thodha esa dalne ki koshish karo ki read karna video ke saath easy rahe.
pata nahi kyun kahin kahin esa feel hota hai ki use read karna aur video ke saath samajhna mushkil ho raha hai.

iske alawa video quality wagera ko lekar mere khyal nahi badalne waale.