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Juuden Chan Hindi Subbed | EP 1 | Free Download

Juuden Chan Hindi Subbed | EP 1 | Free Download

Juuden Chan Hindi Subbed | EP 1 | Free Download Download or Watch for Free Hindi Sub by Team VioZen HD Quality Less File Size No Pop Ads Fast Download Servers. Explore More Anime in Hindi Sub for Free Here.

Juuden Chan Hindi Subbed
Juuden Chan Hindi Sub

Juden Chan (Japanese: ファイト一発!充電ちゃん!! Hepburn: Faito ippatsu! Jūden-chan!!, lit. “Fight, One Shot! Charger Girls!”) is a Japanese manga series by Bow Ditama, which is also adapted into an anime television series of the same name that aired on the AT-X network in Japan from June 25 to September 10, 2009.

It features anthropomorphized characters representing aspects of charging electrical equipment. This series contains some explicit fanservice, including omorashi (panty wetting). An edited version of the series was released on Crunchyroll under the title of Charger Girl, Ju-den Chan.[2]

Anime in Hindi Sub
Anime in Hindi Sub

Juden Chan Plot

From a planet called “Life Core”, which exists parallel to the normal human world, females known as “Jūden-chan” (charger girls) are patrolling the human world in search for individuals who feel depressed and unlucky. Their job is to charge these people up with the help of electricity in order to improve their mental states.

While normally unseen by human eyes, one of these Jūden-chan, Plug Cryostat, accidentally meets a young man who is able to see her, because she was targeting his father (his sister in the anime). This series revolves around the various antics between the main characters and the quest for this Jūden-chan to improve herself.

Hindi Sub by Team VioZen

Subbed by – Violet
Encoded by – ZenAyush

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